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These past few weeks has taught me that my time has to be used wisely, forgive me if we don’t hang out much, I’m building something huge, and only a few people shows interest in what I’m doing. I will only make time for people that make time for me. I’m not lil I was in the past. I know my worth now. We being friends does not equal leverage over me. Late night rant, needed to get stuff off my shoulders. Just have no time for people who has me as a plan b.
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Highly doubt that I intimidate people, but I do feel a great sense of people not knowing me, just misunderstanding who I really am. regram @phuckyoquote
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It’s rare to find someone who understands, appreciates and respect your grind. I might be just a shadow behind ones memory for now, but I will strive for the future I will leave people in regret.

So naked, but soon she will be beautiful again. The money pit, but I have no regrets. Can’t wait. We @modellistamag with reveal the brand new wrap next Saturday at #bigevent6 at #gilmansubaru here in Houston TX. We will have decals, and hopefully have shirts out by then.

Done playing the chasing game. I’ll just wait until the right person choose me for who I am, and not just for what I can bring to the plate. So no nostalgic meet for me tonight. Working on prepping the Subaru for next week. Have a prosper night.

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