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#Cambodians believe that each new year, a new guardian Angel, or #Tevada, descends from the heavens to look after the world. There are seven angels in total, the daughters of the heavenly god Kabil Moha Prohm, each matched with a day of the week. Since Khmer New Year falls on a Monday this year, the New Year Angel is the second daughter, Koreak Tevy. She wears an Angkeabos flower behind her ear and a necklace of pearls. In her right hand she holds a sword and in her left hand, a cane. Her favourite food is oil and her vehicle is a tiger. Because she arrived at 8 o’clock this morning, she came standing on the tiger’s back. She is welcomed by Khmer families with offerings of fruit, flowers, incense, sweets, drinks and candles. May the new Tevada bless you all with health, happiness and success in this new year of the horse, 2558 B.E.

Captions by @victoryforthe_people


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